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James Matthews, Commercial Director at Bowater Doors, looks at the reasons why specifications for composite doors continue to increase and why it makes sense to partner with a reputable manufacturer.

“One of the most impactful ways that your customers can improve the appeal of their home is by choosing a new entrance door. Composite doors are one of the best ways of doing this, which is why they have grown to become one of the nation’s favourites with homeowners looking for an appealing, energy efficient and low maintenance entrance system.

There will always be demand for these kinds of high performance, value for money products and installers can make the most of the opportunity by choosing a composite door range that meets all their customers’ needs.

According to a new research report, composite doors now account for more than 54% of the total domestic entrance doors market. The material is also forecasted to continue gaining share at the expense of timber and steel entrance doors because of the benefits it offers the homeowner. This presents installers that work with a quality composite door manufacturers an excellent opportunity to grow their sales in this category over the next few years.

The continued rise in demand for composite doors, means there is now a wider choice of designs, colours and glass specification as forward-thinking manufacturers respond to the demands of homeowners. If you are an installer looking to grow sales of composite doors, the key to achieving this is identifying a manufacturer that has built its range around the needs of the homeowner.


Extended choice

As one of the first things that people see, the front door, in particular, creates an instant first impression of a home. Aside from the aesthetic consideration in terms of style, colour (standard or colour matched on request) and glass design, the doorset should meet the homeowner’s thermal and security requirements. For instance, it should be robust enough to act as a barrier and deterrent to intruders, whilst being energy efficient.

Selecting the right door can, therefore, be a very difficult decision, which is why we offer a free brochure that clearly explains the different options available and helps make the process easier for both homeowners and installers.

With more homeowners having a clearer idea on how they want their front door or back door to look, we now offer white finish as standard internally, or with colour both sides as an option. Extending choice in this way allows homeowners to coordinate or contrast with their internal colour scheme. We can also supply composite entrance doors unfinished, meeting the need of new build developers that wish to coordinate colours with the garage door.

Secured by Design

As more intruders are becoming experts at ‘lock bumping’, a process where they can gain easy entry in seconds, all of our doors feature anti-bumping locks along with a choice of multipoint hooklocks. This is one of the reasons why our composite doors have been awarded a Secured by Design accreditation, which is given to all police approved doors that meet strict building regulations and the national standard for safer homes.

Opting for a Secured by Design door not only offers a higher level of protection for homeowners, but the accreditation is also recognised by many insurance companies. So as well as enjoying an added sense of security, homeowners may also get a discount on their home insurance.

Double rebate

Bowater Doors are one of just a handful of companies to offer a double rebate composite door as part of our standard composite door offering. Homeowners that choose a double rebated door receive a number of benefits; in simple terms, a thicker door allows fitting of a 16 point locking system and is more secure and thermally efficient than a standard door. As well as this massive improvement in performance, we can still offer our double rebate doors with a wide range of colours, door styles and with a comprehensive range of hardware and decorative glass options. This means homeowners don’t have to compromise on aesthetics to get the additional protection they want.

Extending choice on our double rebated door also means that fabricators and installers have a true point of differentiation to offer homeowners and developers. In an increasingly competitive market that can make all the difference when quoting both homeowners and new build developers.

In terms of weather protection, both our standard and double rebated composite doors offer better thermal efficiency and better acoustic performance in comparison to timber doors as well as being low maintenance. All of our composite doors also include a rough glass reinforced plastic (GRP) skin to minimise scratches.

The look and feel of composite doors has also evolved a lot in the recent years. The Bowater Doors range for example is available in multiple styles and colours, with a variety of hardware and decorative clear and frosted glass options that reflect the latest design trends.



In order to help installers win business we have updated our Bowater Doors homeowners brochure, featuring all the new door styles, colours and glass designs. We’re confident that our latest range of Bowater Doors have more selling points than any other range in the market and that will mean more opportunities for installers.

With greater advances in design and overall aesthetics, assured higher levels of security, ease of installation and better thermal and acoustic insulation, it is no surprise that the specification of composite doors is rising.

Opting for one of our composite doors offers better assurance that it is of the highest quality and has a premium look and feel. Furthermore, with a range to meet all needs and budgets, a free brochure to help during the decision making process, plus years of experience in manufacturing the highest quality products, both homeowners and installers can benefit enormously from working with us.”


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